The SEGWAY® is an electric means of transportation that reacts to your bodies movements.
Our SEGWAYS® are all terrain. With their large wheels they have a good grip on grass, sand, stones and mud.
Our instructor will give you a good explanation on how to ride the SEGWAY® before you take off for a nice ride.

Different activities :

SEGWAY® DISCOVERY: After a presentation about Segways and a brief individual trial, you will go for a ride within the Ty Nadan campsite that will allow you to acquire the basics (tight bends, slaloms, rough terrain...) 
(from minimum 7.08 stones). Session of 30 minutes.*
Price : 22€ per person

SEGWAY® EXPERIENCED: Only accessible to those having already done a discovery session. On all terrain Segways you will go for a more sporting ride through the woods, on tracks and through fields.... 

(from minimum 7.08 stones). Session of 30 minutes.*
Price : 24€ per person


For all Segway® activities wear trousers, closed shoes, and long sleeved clothing (waterproof for rainy days). Please be onsite 15 minutes before the beginning of the session.

*The explanations are included in the time of the session.

Please fill in this parental authorization for each activity.

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