You will try to find the perfect strategy to beat the other team playing the different scenarios on our paintball pitch situated in the woods. 

Proposed activity:

PAINTBALL: Discover the tactics and techniques of the different games played at Ty Nadan. Be ready for some adrenalin-pumping in the games of “the president”, “the double flag”, “the smugglers” or why not “the rabbit”! From 14 years onwards. Session of 1,5 hours*
Price: 27,50€ per person (250 paint balls included)


Overalls are available at the reception (3,5€/P).

Please wear long trousers, closed shoes, long sleeved clothing that may get dirty (washable paint). Please be onsite 15 minutes before the beginning of the session.

*The explanations are included in the time of the session

For the younger players we propose Splash Attack

Please fill in this parental authorization for each activity.

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